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Three Strand Black Oxidized Sterling Silver & Tourmaline Gemstone Chain Necklace

An elegant three-strand black oxidized sterling silver & tourmaline gemstone chain necklace.

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This necklace is created with three strands of black oxidized sterling silver wire-wrapped tourmaline gemstone chain, the longest at 28” long, all connected with one 8 mm rhinestone magnetic clasp. Tourmaline is classified as a semiprecious stone and occurs in a vast array of colors, everything from colorless to black, from pastel to bright to dark. It can even exhibit various colors within the same specimen. Its name derives from the Sinhalese word “turamali,” which translates to “stone of many colors.” Due to this variety of colors, Tourmaline has often been confused with other stones. Many stones in the Russian crown jewels from the 17th century which were thought to be rubies are actually red Tourmaline.

Metaphysical Attributes: Protection, Grounding 

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