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Three Strand Black Oxidized Sterling Silver & Black Spinel Gemstone Chain Necklace

An elegant three-strand black oxidized sterling silver & black spinel gemstone chain necklace.

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This necklace is created with three strands of black oxidized sterling silver wire-wrapped black spinel gemstone chain, the longest at 28” long, all connected with one 8 mm rhinestone magnetic clasp. Spinel is a hard vitreous magnesium aluminum oxide, and comes in a range of other colors, but those varieties are transparent. Black Spinel not only has the dark color, but it is opaque as well, rendering its black especially deep and mysterious. Sometimes called the "Black Prince's Ruby" for its role in the English crown. It has been mistaken for ruby and sapphire at times, but can be distinguished by its structure and its lower relative hardness. Origin: India

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