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Sunset Dumortierite & Blue Angelite Bracelet

Star cut round Sunset Dumortierite & blue Angelite bracelet with sterling silver accents.

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This bracelet is a unusual combination of 8 mm star cut Sunset Dumortierite rounds arranged with 8 mm blue Angelite rounds each separated by small sterling silver nuggets, all held together with a 8 mm rhinestone magnetic clasp and sterling silver guard chain to prevent loss. Dumortierite is an aluminum borosilicate mineral that varies in color from blue, green and brown to the more rare violet and pink. First described in 1881, the mineral was named for French paleontologist Eugene Durmortierite (1803-1873). It is believed to bring the wearer water energy and to promote flow, control and orderliness. It is mined in South Africa. This stone has had no treatment other than cutting, drilling and polishing. Blue Angelite is a natural blue form of calcium sulfate, it raises the state of conscious awareness and facilitates contact with your angels. It is mined in Peru. It's also known as Angelita and Angelite Quartz.  This stone has had no treatment other than cutting, drilling and polishing. 

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