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Rainbow Druzy Agate Bracelet

Stunning rainbow druzy agate bracelet composed of 12 mm rounds.

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This bracelet is a wonderful combination of rainbow druzy agate 12 mm rounds arranged with 6 mm lapis rounds, 3 mm purple velvet Swarovski faceted rounds and 4 mm corrugated sterling silver saucers, bound with a 10 mm stardust magnetic clasp and sterling silver guard chain to prevent loss. Druzy is a mineral, usually a variety of quartz, that has formed into tiny, glittering crystals with the sparkle of sugar or snow. It occurs worldwide, within or on the surface of other minerals, and is created when water deposits crystalize onto a rock’s surface. When the water evaporates and cooling occurs, the minerals are left behind in the form of crystals within the rock. This stone is thought to carry metaphysical attributes of healing and balance. Origin: South Africa.

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