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Navy 5 mm Flat Leather Choker Necklace with Single Square Crystal Slide

13.5 inch 5 mm flat Italian navy colored leather choker necklace adorned with one square crystal slide and a magnetic clasp.

$25.00 excl. 8.75% CA Sales Tax

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This 13.5 inch flat leather choker necklace is a vibrant navy blue that looks great worn together with jeans for a casual look or with your other jewelry for something dressier. It has a single square crystal slide setting it apart from many chokers, and is closed with a magnetic clasp, making it one of the easiest to fasten pieces of jewelry you will ever wear.

Note: We are happy to make custom sizes for every body type. We love to work with our clients to create the perfect piece of jewelry with the perfect fit. Please contact us for more information.