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Large Hammered Sterling Silver Swirl with A Grade Blue Apatite Necklace

Large hammered sterling silver swirl with A grade blue Apatite center and Caribbean Blue Swarovski accents necklace.

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This necklace is a unique combination of a large hammered sterling silver swirl with a 10 mm A grade blue apatite round arranged with 4 mm sterling silver corrugated saucers and 6 mm Swarovski Caribbean blue briolette beads all suspended in the middle with 3 mm Caribbean blue Swarovski faceted rounds and sterling silver corrugated saucers drop on the bottom. This piece is on a 16” sterling silver chain with an 8 mm rhinestone magnetic clasp. Blue Apatite ranges in color from light teal to blue to bright blue to dark blue to green. It can be easily confused with other minerals due to its variety of colors and formations, and it’s name is derived from the Greek “apate,” which means to deceive. Blue apatite is metaphysically considered to be a Stone of Manifestation, promoting personal power and achievement of goals. This mineral is also know as Hydroxyapatite. Origin: Brazil.

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