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Charoite Rounds with Silver Accents Bracelet

Vibrant 12 mm Charoite rounds with sterling silver saucers bracelet.

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This bracelet is a wonderful combination of 12 mm Charoite rounds separated by 5 and 7 mm sterling silver saucers, bound with a 8 mm rhinestone magnetic clasp and sterling silver guard chain to prevent loss. Charoite is a stone that naturally occurs in intense purple hues, as well as grays, browns, greenish yellows, white and black. These colors swirl throughout the stone in fascinating matrices of color. Originally discovered in the 1940’s and not introduced commercially until 1978, it is a relative newcomer to the gem market. The name is derived from the Charo River in eastern Siberia, Russia, the only site where it can be found. This stone has had no treatment other than cutting, drilling and polishing. 

Origin: Russia

Metaphysical Attributes: Wisdom, Healing

Chakra: Crown, Heart

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