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8 mm Rainbow Tiger Eye Rounds Bracelet

A wonderful combination of 8 mm Rainbow Tiger Eye Rounds with Sterling Silver Corrugated Saucers Bracelet.

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This bracelet is a wonderful combination of 8 mm Rainbow Tiger Eye rounds separated by 4 and 5 mm sterling silver corrugated saucers, bound with a 10 mm corrugated magnetic clasp and sterling silver guard chain to prevent loss.  Tiger Eye is a macrocrystalline Quartz stone with bands of rich golds and browns. Its chatoyant layers that create a flash which seems to emanate from within the stone as they catch the light. Tiger Eye has been revered and feared throughout history as an all to seeing, all to knowing eye, as well as a stone of prosperity, protection and good fortune.  These stones have been treated with a dye to alter or enhance their color.

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